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Etrurian legion promotion & Killtown booking present:

- Black Oath (Doom metal -  Como,ITA)

The Oath's been signed by A. TH,C.Z. and P.V. to continue the occult tradition born in The Cemeteries of Italy in 70'ies/Early 80'ies from unholy acts such as Death ss,Paul chian,Black Hole, Zess,Jacula.. don't expect nothing else but occult heavy doom rock sound at its best! ..Supporting us...you have signed the Black Oath! Beware of his coming!!

- Night gaunt (Morbid Doom Metal - Roma,ITA)

Night Gaunt is the sound of the suffocating weight of loss, sorrow and guilt in a sleepless night. Chants of darkness and the morbid, a nightmare of Poe in music where the inner restlessness takes over in a room crowded with unwanted presences.

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