NECROTHEISM PROD proudly presents:
ABYSSAL (uk) + APHOTIC (it) – first, exclusive Italian appearances

Special guest: AMALEKIM (pl/it)

Ingresso: 15 euro
(nessuna tessera necessaria)

20:30 – 21:10: Amalekim
21:30 – 22:10: Aphotic
22:30 – 23:30: Abyssal

Abyssal (Profound Lore Records): 4 full-length albums, including 2015 magnum opus “Antikatastaseis” and the latest, mind-challenging “A Beacon in the Husk”, plus several split releases with outfits of the magnitude of Tchornobog, have forged an indelible imprint on extreme metal through the impenetrable darkness and forward-thinking, brilliant songwriting which provides an otherworldly and ethereal experience. First European tour following extremely selective festival appearances of the Maryland Deathfest and Netherlands Deathfest caliber.
FFO: Portal, Antediluvian, Ævangelist, Impetuous Ritual

Aphotic (Sentient Ruin Laboratories, Nuclear Winter Records): pursuing unprecedented darkness by expanding death metal boundaries towards profound ambiences and dense arrangements, enhancing captivating structures and riffing through the recurrence of obsessive crescendos and physically engaging explosions. Promoting critically-acclaimed debut full-length album “Abyssgazer” on their first European Tour, following live debut at Kill-Town Deathfest 2023.
FFO: The Ruins of Beverast, Bolzer, Ulcerate, Mitochondrion

Amalekim (Avantgarde Music): an elusive entity existing in between Polish and Italian black metal underground, in which an outstanding taste for melodic and atmospheric guitar work is paired with haunting vocals, while an intense, obsessive drumming creates a sense of recurrent despair.
FFO: Mgla, Misþyrming, Panzerfaust, Uada