NECROTHEISM PROD proudly presents:
Special guests: INTO DARKNESS (it) + BURIAL (it)

Incantation (Relapse Record): in the wake of their 35th anniversary of existence, and of their game-changing classic ‘Mortal Throne of Nazarene’ turning 30 years old, John McEntee’s creature is the undisputed GOAT of dark, suffocating, obsessive death metal, and so has been since its spawn in New Jersey, US, 1989.
FFO: death metal.

Into Darkness (Invictus Productions, Unholy Domain Records): the ancient feeling still rules, as proved by the dedicated activity of one of Italy’s acts most devoted to late 80’s obscure and often doom-ridden European death metal.
FFO: Pentacle, Asphyx, Moondark, Derkéta

Burial (Everlasting Spew Records): crushing, distorsion-driven doom/death metal, cursed by the dreadful use of sinister, delayed guitar leads and unearthly vocals which had them recognized internationally, including several European festivals now in their books.
FFO: Spectral Voice, Krypts, Mortiferum, Disembowlment