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Sabato 20 Luglio


Alle soglie dei 40 anni dal loro debutto, la leggendaria band death-thrash metal cilena Pentagram (Chile) pubblica un album devastante, “Eternal Life of Madness”, a cui segue un tour europeo che il 19 luglio approderà al Freakout.
Per la messa di apertura abbiamo scelto per voi i devoti cristiani Necroblasphemer .

Pentagram Chile (previously known as Pentagram) is an extreme metal band from Chile, formed in 1985. They were part of the first wave of extreme metal in the mid 1980s, along with bands like Possessed, Celtic Frost, Sepultura and others. Considered as a very influential band in the black metal and death metal genres, they have influenced bands like At the Gates, Dismember, Napalm Death and Avulsed among others.

Necroblasphemer is a death/black metal project focused on sonic rot, few frills and clearly blasphemy in a combattive and revengeful vision.

Info / Prenotazioni:

Ingresso: 20€
Start: 21.30
Open Bar: 18.00